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Simonetta x CoccoleBimbi at Milan Design Week

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CoccoleBimbi and Simonetta present an exclusive collaboration during the Milan Design Week which sees the participation of international designers.

Milan Design Week 2024

From 15 to 21 April the most awaited event of the year returns to Milan: Design Week represents a global point of reference for the design industry. A schedule of events, exhibitions and exhibitions that accompany the long-running and successful Salone del Mobile fair.

CoccoleBimbi arrives at Milan Design Week with a project that combines fashion and design, with a focus on the world of children. In fact, together with Simonetta he launches a new collaboration. Its Milan Store hosts a limited edition t-shirt and exclusive furnishings designed for children and customized with the iconic CoccoleBimbi cloud.

Main Partner: Simonetta x CoccoleBimbi

For the occasion, CoccoleBimbi launches a new collaboration with the kidswear brand Simonetta. For the entire Furniture Week, in fact, the Simonetta Flaghip store located in the Design District of Brera hosts an exclusive installation of furnishing elements designed for the little ones and presents the with an in-store event the Simonetta x CoccoleBimbi limited edition t-shirt, designed for mothers and children and which takes inspiration from both the iconic CoccoleBimbi cloud and the design and color palette of the SS24 collection of the made in Italy brand. In fact, it will be launched in two colours: light blue and orange.

The Designers

The furnishings on display are designed by international designers, who have created super exclusive custom-made products; the leitmotif of everything here is also the iconic CoccoleBimbi cloud.

Below we find out more about who the designers and the limited edition furnishings created for the event are.


Ettomio is an Italian manufacturer of children's furniture, inspired by Montessori philosophy. Each product is made by expert artisans made in Italy and the functional component is combined with the design and quality of the materials used which respect the environment and the most demanding requests.

Ettomio for Coccolebimbi has created a selection of furnishings, specifically a Montessori cot and table with chair. The cot with the cozy shape of a small house with protective fences is made of high-quality raw materials. On the occasion of the Simonetta x CoccoleBimbi event it was customized with pastel colors which, starting from the structure itself, extend to the decorations on the roof and the cloud-shaped cushions. Some clouds placed on the roof are sensorial. The main nuances of green, yellow, pink and beige are also found in the table and chair with a Nordic design and sustainable materials. Their tops are in natural ash wood and the leg sets recall the main palette to create cohesion and style to the environment.

Marta Cortese Design

Marta Cortese is a textile and surface designer who creates by hand, on cotton paper, using different artistic techniques and in a traditional and original way, designs designed to be applied to the world of fashion and interior design. The creation of the natural and botanical subjects he prefers starts from a study of trends associated with a developed aesthetic sense.

The wallpaper designed by Marta Cortese exclusively for CoccoleBimbi evokes a landscape of ethereal beauty, framed by an infinite sky and boundless clouds in pastel tones. In perfect harmony with the rest of the furnishing accessories, this wallpaper gives the room comfort and originality. The delicate nuances and mastery of execution transport anyone surrounded by it into a world of beauty and harmony.

Drip Rugs

Drip Rugs is an artisan company made in Italy that manually produces carpets and furnishings and mixes tradition and modernity in a unique and recognizable style. All products are born from a creative process that has its roots in the art of tattooing and stand out for their innovative design, first choice materials, craftsmanship carried out entirely by hand and collaborations with exclusive artists. The production process of Drip Rugs collects and integrates the tradition of manual weaving on wooden looms with the new tufting technique.

For Milan Design Week Drip Rugs created three limited edition rugs in the shape of the iconic cloud for Coccolebimbi, in three different sizes. Each carpet is unique both in size and in colours, which reflect the palette of all the other products made for the occasion. The first carpet features shades of sage green, the second features delicate shades of pink, while the last rug features shades of beige and conveys a welcoming atmosphere. These rugs fit harmoniously into any environment, helping to create a comfortable environment for children and beyond.

By Lea Sfeir

Lea Sfeir is a table artist and lifestyle influencer. French with Lebanese origins, she grew up in Paris, also living in Milan, Istanbul and Dubai. In his tableware line he creates unique products, whose designs take inspiration from these cities and their diversity. Ceramic tableware and artefacts, carefully cared for and all handmade, each tell a different story.

Lea Sfeir for CoccoleBimbi has created an exclusive capsule of handmade products suitable for the little ones. All the items have as their common thread the CoccoleBimbi cloud which we find in the design inside a saucer and a bowl and in the shape of a tray. The set is completed by a breakfast cup and a multicolored jewelery bowl.

Milan Design Week

Discover the capsule products exclusively for CoccoleBimbi

The Event in Flagship store

On 16 April CoccoleBimbi and Simonetta revealed their collaboration and that with the designers to the public with an exclusive event in the Simonetta store in via Manzoni 42, in the heart of the Brera Design District. Among the guests are numerous influencers and talents who are part of the CoccoleBimbi community.