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Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain, was a French fashion designer and founder of the Balmain fashion house. Olivier Rousteing has been the new creative director since 2011, and thanks to him, Balmain is now a symbol of innovation and elegance. The Balmain kids collection is made up of numerous mini-me garments and miniature versions of the maison's iconic models. The trendy clothes are characterised by the style, quality and craftsmanship that only a historic Parisian fashion house can offer.

All of Olivier Rousteing's revolutionary fashion for boys and girls in Balmain baby
Balmain Kids was officially born in 2016, by the hands of the young creative director of the French fashion house, Olivier Rousteing. Right from the start, the designer's aim was to propose, in mini sizes, mum and dad's clothes, to boys and girls from 4 to 16 years old. Initially, the production and distribution of the new brand were under the responsibility of the parents company, while, from spring-summer 2019, Balmain Junior has been licensed to the famous company, expert in kidswear, Simonetta: a perfect combination to ensure the high stylistic levels and quality standards of the historic French company, without forgetting the craftsmanship.
The high stylistic levels, high quality standards and craftsmanship have characterized, since the beginning, the brand founded by Monsieur Pierre Balmain, who, in the mid-40s, went against the tide, still having respect for the trends of that time: he opposed to the kind of fashion devoted to functionality, proposing, together with another great stylist of the time, Christian Dior, bold and hyper-feminine garments, still emblematic of the brand, thanks to the work of creative director Olivier Rousteing, who is at the helm of the maison since 2011, when he was just 25 years old. Rousteing consecrated Balmain's success, after the crisis period of the 1990s; he relaunched the brand in the early 2000s, thanks to the creative director Cristophe Decarnin, who imposed himself with a brazen and maximalist fashion, far from the origins, but which was useful in bringing the Parisian maison back to the splendour of its best years.
Olivier Rousteing, on the other hand, used the Balmain archives as his guiding spirit: he has re-proposed the aesthetic and stylistic canons of the brand, adapting them to the contemporary context, inseparable from the world of music (Rihanna and Kanye West are just two of the names linked to Balmain).
The same mood characterizes the world of Balmain Kids: the Parisian designer proposes the brand's most representative garments for the little ones, with a unique and recognisable, glamorous and unmistakable style.
The Balmain Kids wardrobe takes skinny jeans with biker details, vinyl trousers, a tulle skirt and above all the iconic X-cut jacket from the world of women. The blazer, with its sculptural line and pointed shoulders, like the lapels, is just as elegant as mum's, with its gold or silver buttons and structured cut.
The children's garments are also in the perfect Balmain mood: Japanese denim jeans, tuxedo jackets, ultra-glamorous trainers, and the ever-present t-shirts and sweatshirts, in black and white, with contrasting silver or fluorescent details.

Balmain children's symbols: the hallmarks of an unmistakable style
Jewellery, gold and Paris enter the world of Balmain Kids
Directly taken from the archives of Monsieur Balmain, these are some of the emblematic symbols of the French fashion house, which represent the distinctive elements also for the world of Balmain Junior. First and foremost is the golden coin, stamped on medallions and buttons, which decorates t-shirts and jackets. Reinterpreted in a modern key, the blazon with the name of Balmain's hometown, Paris, decorates t-shirts and sweatshirts with a flocked or rubberized effect. The brand's logo is also present on the more casual garments, from the italics, with their angular lines, to the capital letters, with their more rounded lines.

All this and much more is Balmain, flagship of the #Balmainarmy.