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Once upon a time CoccoleBimbi

CoccoleBimbi is CoccoleBimbi,

not just a children's clothing store – although we sell clothes and accessories for the little ones. It was born in 1989 as a small store, in Puglia, then it has become the epicenter of a revolution that expands the concept of shopping beyond the traditional limits.

A contemporary tale

When creative minds, passing through a suburban road near Rutigliano, are attracted by an abandoned car workshop, many things can happen.

Isabella Saponaro, Sabino Morisco and Cesare Morisco, created a microcosm with a metropolitan flavor, designed as a philosophy that speaks about fashion by mixing different languages: art, design and sustainability.

Above the lines

CoccoleBimbi opened its new store on 29 September 2020 in Rutigliano, in via Noicattaro, in a busy commercial area. E-commerce and store perfectly mix in the renewed style of the new store. The iconic light blue wall turns black and among the white clouds, a yellow one appears, it is Ghayme: this name has Arab origin and it's the symbol of the capsules and the new collaborations of CoccoleBimbi. The creation of the interiors took place following CoccoleBimbi's vision: the concept of recycled and eco-sustainability resonates among the walls of the HQ. The walls, all colored in pastel tones, make the store more welcoming and bright; the furniture is entirely made up of recycled materials by regenerating pieces collected over time.


Shopping at CoccoleBimbi is an experience in which everything, even the abstract and sinuous lines of the furnishings and installations, helps to guide the customer on his journey among brands that are based on a long and consolidated tradition in the luxury market ( Fendi, Burberry, Gucci); and younger brands, able to establish themselves by launching new trends (Marques Almeida, Self-Portrait, The Animals Observatory) and often showing a particular sensitivity in terms of eco-sustainability (Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Stella McCartney Kids, Veja).

To be lived as a journey

Shopping at CoccoleBimbi is a journey in which plants, wooden structures and sculptures in the shape of wild animals reinterpreted in a pop key, reconnect to that genuine and slightly wild dimension in which the child feels comfortable and the adult finds himself.

If in Rutigliano there is a little piece of America, Asia and Northern Europe, it is also because CoccoleBimbi is constantly scouting in distant places looking for new ideas and cool, contemporary and quality brands.

In line with the multiplication of channels and platforms on which it is possible to buy products, Coccole Bimbi opens an e-commerce just a click away from the most demanding parents, enclosing "The best brands in the world for children". All this without renouncing to that personal relationship between supplier and consumer, guaranteed by the excellence of CoccoleBimbi's customer service that will make parents feel pampered as well.
In 2023 it launches a new innovative platform in which browsing speed, shopping experience and customized services come together to create an e-commerce never seen before in the kidswear sector.

Among the stars

Creators, influencers, personalities from the fashion and design system from all over the world often collaborate with CoccoleBimbi and willingly go to the store, reinforcing its image as a lively, stimulating space dedicated to experimentation that leads to the creation of new styles and trends, in the fashion field of course, but not only there.

On social media

For CoccoleBimbi, products are above all ideas, as can be understood by looking at his Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok profiles, managed and updated daily to provide ideas and inspiration on looks and trends, but also to involve the customer in various initiatives and exclusive events.

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Towards new shores

The evolution of CoccoleBimbi from a small company in southern Italy to a store in line with the most avant-garde experiences in the kidswear sector also depends on ambitious and innovative projects such as Kid's Evolution – a collaboration between Vogue Bambini and Pitti Bimbo in support of emerging stylists; The Corner Kids and Stuff – the first vegan temporary store for children; La Serra Kids – a shop in shop hosted by high-end boutiques and the last, but perhaps the most important, the Rainbow Clouds project which supports the “To Get There” association, chaired by Piero Piazzi to whom CoccoleBimbi allocates the proceeds of the collaborations and designs created by Cesare Morisco: the common denominator of all these collaborations? Inclusivity, sustainability and of course the clouds.